Life Sciences Investor Relations for Private Companies

M&A Advisory:

Rx Communications is well versed at advising private biotechnology, medical technology and healthcare companies on potential strategic merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions as an option to create significant value for stakeholders. Our life sciences investor relations expertise ensures an efficient process including an effective communication strategy throughout the M&A process, maintaining transparency and fostering awareness within the life sciences industry.

Assist with Merger Messaging Strategy and Press Release Preparation:

An effective messaging strategy is a critical component for any biotechnology, medical technology or  healthcare company considering an M&A transaction and the Rx Communications team will work closely with you to develop and refine a comprehensive investor relations messaging program. We are experts at generating concise messaging and carefully create effective investor presentations and press releases that offer clear communication regarding your company’s strategic objectives, anticipated milestones, and their potential impact on stakeholders. By aligning messaging with your corporate identity, we aim to translate complex stories into coherent narratives that build investor confidence.

Work Hand-in-Hand with Board of Directors, Attorneys and/or Accountants on Merger Execution:

Rx Communications collaborates and engages seamlessly with your executive, legal and accounting teams as well as the Board of Directors to navigate complex issues including SEC and proxy filings, assisting with the organization of shareholder meetings, and obtaining stakeholder approvals. Our life sciences investor relations expertise ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and a smooth execution process, all while maintaining investor relations best practices.

Arrange Meetings with Sell-Side Analysts to Create Awareness:

Rx communications leverages its extensive contacts to proactively arrange meetings with appropriate sell-side analysts who can act as a conduit to build awareness among potential strategic partners. The goal is to effectively articulate your company’s value proposition, which is essential for a successful transaction. We also conduct follow-up to gather detailed feedback, to refine corporate messaging.

Prepare Merger Q&A, FAQs and Presentation Documents:

To anticipate and address stakeholder inquiries, an integral part of Rx Communications’ healthcare investor relations strategy is to prepare comprehensive question and answer documents to address frequently asked questions. These documents serve as valuable resources for your management teams’ interaction with the media and investment community. Additionally, as part of our life sciences investor relations programs, we prepare compelling presentation documents that effectively communicate the rationale behind your company’s strategic objectives, and the anticipated benefits to all interested parties.

Assist with Messaging and Script Development for Roadshow and Shareholder Meetings (If merging into a public company):

Rx Communications’ investor relations services include advising private biotechnology, medical technology and healthcare companies on reverse merger transactions into a public company. Our team will play a pivotal role in developing messaging and presentation materials, organizing upcoming roadshow meetings as well as scripts for stakeholder meetings to approve a potential transaction. Rx Communications will ensure that your company’s communication aligns with both your goals and identity as well as investor relations best practices. By carefully preparing these materials, we aim to convey the merger’s value proposition and potential benefits in a way that resonates with stakeholders and the broader financial community.

Handle Incoming Investor and Media Inquiries:

Utilizing Rx Communications’ vast life sciences investor relations experience, we will take charge of managing incoming inquiries from both investors and the media, during and after your M&A transaction as part of our comprehensive investor relations strategy. Our seasoned team is well-versed in promptly and professionally addressing these inquiries, providing accurate information to maintain stakeholder confidence. This approach helps manage perceptions, manage potential concerns, and contributes to a seamless M&A communication process.