Life Sciences Pre-IPO: Experts in Pre-IPO Advisory Investor Relations for Life Science Companies 

Preparing for an Initial Public Offering (IPO) is a significant step for any private biotechnology, medical technology or healthcare company and can often come with its unique challenges. Rx Communications has extensive expertise in pre-IPO advisory for life sciences and healthcare companies. We are well versed in all types of transactions to bring a company public, whether through an IPO, SPAC or reverse merger. We use a hands-on ‘partnering’ approach in which we view ourselves as an extension of your C-suite. Our seasoned professionals provide tailored support, helping your company navigate complexities, engage with key stakeholders, and develop strategic messaging.

Assist in the Selection of Investment Banking Team:

Selection of an investment banking syndicate is a critical aspect of the pre-IPO process. As part of Rx Communications’ life sciences IPO support, we provide valuable insights on potential sell-side coverage, and the financial transaction history of potential banking partners.

Prepare Management for the Analyst Teach-In Session:

Rx Communications assists in preparing your management team for an analyst teach-in session with the capital markets team, as this is crucial to ensure effective communication with potential investors. Our team offers guidance and support, ensuring your executive team is well-equipped to deliver key messages during this session.

Coordinate Messaging for IPO Organizational Meeting and assist in S-1 Drafting Sessions:

Seamless coordination of messaging during IPO organizational meetings and subsequent S-1 drafting sessions is essential for a successful IPO for a life sciences company. Rx Communications coordinates with management to craft and align messaging, ensuring that your company’s value proposition and growth strategy are effectively communicated, including messaging around your company’s technology and pipeline. We create messaging around the strength of leadership, intellectual property portfolio, management execution, timelines, and financing strategies, when appropriate.

Advise on Press Releases Announcing Registration, Pricing, and Completion of Over-Allotment for Offering:

Crafting press releases during critical milestones is an important strategic element of the pre-IPO process. Rx Communications’ expert writers work with your investment bankers and attorneys to manage the full life cycle of these press releases, helping to announce registration, pricing, and the completion of over-allotment for the offering, optimizing communication with stakeholders.

Coordinate with ECM Teams to Supplement List of Target Institutional Investors:

Effective coordination with Equity Capital Markets (ECM) teams is key to expanding the list of target institutional investors. Rx Communications collaborates closely to identify and engage potential investors, ensuring a well-rounded and diversified investor base for your IPO.

Develop a List of Peer Companies:

Building a comprehensive list of appropriate peer companies is instrumental in gauging valuation, institutional ownership, and identifying appropriate sell-side analysts. The Rx Communications team conducts thorough research to curate a relevant and strategic list to achieve these goals.

Work with Appropriate Vendors to Establish Investor Section of the Website:

Establishing a robust and easy to use “investors” section on your website is a critical aspect of pre-IPO preparation. Rx Communications works with trusted vendors to ensure the development and readiness of your company’s investor relations section, guaranteeing that it is primed to go live once the deal is priced, providing stakeholders with easy access to essential information.

Ensure Quiet Period Compliance:

Navigating the Quiet Period is crucial for compliance and maintaining a controlled flow of information. Rx Communications ensures strict adherence to Quiet Period regulations while concurrently optimizing content for strategic communication and engagement. With our life sciences IPO support, we will ensure your company is always using ‘Best Practices’ investor relations processes across all channels of communication, including presentations, website content, press releases and social media posts, with an eye towards the investment community.