Life Sciences Public Relations

Provide Counsel on Guidelines for Communications during Quiet Periods:

During certain times, including ahead of an IPO, other financing or reporting earnings, life sciences companies must adhere to SEC mandated quiet periods. Rx Communications counsels life sciences companies on these guidelines to ensure your company is in adherence.

Define Corporate Message Points and Craft Potential Story Lines:

In advance of all major corporate announcements, Rx Communications’ team of life sciences professionals strategizes with your company’s management team to define and craft appropriate story angles for optimal interview and story placement potential. Our approach to the media is an opportunistic one, with the goal of increasing your company’s profile in trade and financial publications.

Conduct Outreach to Appropriate Financial and Trade Media:

Rx Communications targets and makes introductions to select media on behalf of your company. Media targets vary depending on your company goals which may include expanding awareness of your company’s unique position, participation in a medical congress or releasing clinical data. We reach out to appropriate reporters to “pitch” the story and arrange interviews. Feedback and potential interest are reported to you. Additionally, we create VIP blast email lists, ensuring your key messages reach a curated audience for maximum impact.

Monitor Company Media Placements and Those of Comparable Industry Peers:

Staying informed about media placements is essential for understanding how the investors view your story and adapting your communication strategy, as needed. It is also important to monitor the placement of stories that discuss your industry peers and adjust your messages accordingly, if needed. Rx Communications will monitor what peers may be saying about you and the industry. It is key for your management team to have a positive relationship with reporters and to control the company’s messaging.

Develop and Execute Social Media Strategy to Amplify Web Presence:

In today’s digital landscape, a robust social media presence is integral to enhancing your communications to investors as well as to other constituents. By leveraging valuable milestones and content created through press releases, scientific presentations, among others, Rx Communications will create a social media strategy that amplifies your company’s online presence.

Conceive and Implement Thought Leadership Strategy:

Positioning your CEO as a thought leader is a strategic advantage. Together with management, the Rx Communications team will strategize and execute a thoughtful leadership campaign and utilize targeted media outreach and development of management-driven blog posts, op-ed placements and conference speaking opportunities to position management as experts in their field.

Conduct Media Coaching/Training for Spokespeople:

When needed, Rx Communications will train your company’s management team and spokespeople in best practices when speaking with the media. This will help to build your company management’s reputation as experts and effective communicators of your company’s core messages.

Explore Existing Strategic Partnerships to Fully Leverage Value:

As a life sciences investor relations consultant, Rx Communications will review your company’s existing partnerships to assess how we might strategically use them to enhance your value proposition, when appropriate, including in press releases, media interviews and the like.

Draft Audience-specific Q&As and Speaker Briefing Documents:

Rx Communications prioritizes the creation of tailored communication materials by drafting audience-specific Q&As as well as speaker briefing documents. These resources help management to effectively address media inquiries and interviews.

Cultivate Relationships with Patient Advocacy Groups:

As part of your company’s corporate responsibility and to amplify your presence, Rx Communications proactively cultivates relationships with patient advocacy groups. By doing this, we foster collaboration and demonstrate your commitment to your patients while contributing to a positive corporate image.