Life Sciences Investor Relations for Public Companies

At Rx Communications, our team is comprised of senior-level professionals with more than 20 years of relevant experience in healthcare investment banking, equity research, investor relations, finance, and public relations. All client work – tactical as well as strategic – is performed by seasoned professionals. You always get the A-team.

We offer individually tailored and tightly integrated IR/PR programs with a scope that aligns with our clients’ needs and we never utilize a “one size fits all” approach.

Develop Buy-Side Strategy that Aligns with Management’s Goals:

Rx Communications collaborates closely with your executive team to formulate a life sciences investor relations strategy that supports the company’s goals. This involves a comprehensive analysis of market dynamics and investor preferences, tailored to identify and attract investors in the life sciences sector most likely to have a strong interest in your company.

Arrange Non-Deal Roadshows with Institutional Investors and Obtain Feedback:

Rx Communications takes the lead in organizing non-deal roadshows (NDRs), facilitating direct engagement with healthcare focused institutional investors, family offices, and if appropriate, high net worth retail investors. These NDRs serve as a platform to present your company’s value proposition to potential investors in the life sciences sector, with a focus on building awareness among investors who can buy in the open market or participate in future capital raises. Rx Communications conducts follow-up to garner feedback from meeting attendees to gauge interest in your company. This intelligence is invaluable in understanding investors’ perceptions and in the development/refinement of key messages going forward.

Facilitate Introductions to a Targeted List of Sell-Side Analysts and Investment Bankers:

Leveraging Rx Communication’s extensive life sciences investor relations network, we develop a comprehensive list of appropriate sell-side analysts covering peer companies and others in your company’s space, in order to increase analyst coverage over time and utilize them as conduits to potential investors. It is important to have analysts positively disposed to the story, as they write industry round-up pieces. Analysts also host one-day themed conferences, podcasts and calls for companies to address different topics for their investor clients.

Additionally, we can introduce your company to relevant investment bankers who could assist in future financings, help arrange non-deal roadshows and provide invitations to present at bank-sponsored life sciences or healthcare focused investor conferences.

Develop, Review, and Update Investor Presentation to Reflect Progress and Feedback:

Rx Communications uses a hands-on approach while reviewing and regularly updating your company’s investor presentation. This material serves as a dynamic tool, reflecting your company’s progress and upcoming milestones. We also ‘test the waters’ with buy-side and banker ‘friends of Rx Communications’ to ensure that the messaging is compelling, and further edit the presentation, as appropriate, based on feedback.

Provide Strategic Guidance on Various Issues such as Crisis Communications and Activist Investor Activity:

As part of Rx Communications’ overall life sciences investor relations programs, we provide ongoing strategic guidance on a host of communications issues, including crisis communications and navigating activist investor activities. Our experienced investor relations team collaborates with management to develop proactive responses to issues or questions from ‘the Street’ and to develop Q&A documents for effective communication, when needed.

Evaluate Financial Model and Consensus Analyst Estimates:

As a public company, ongoing interaction with covering sell-side analysts is key to driving shareholder value. Rx Communications assists management with the evaluation of financial models and consensus analyst estimates.

Target and Advise on Appropriate Investor and Industry Conferences and Obtain Speaking Invitations:

As a company seeking access to and attention from life sciences and healthcare investors, it is important to be on the “conference circuit.” Rx Communications, as a key element of our healthcare IR services, strategically targets and advises on participation in relevant investor conferences, actively soliciting invitations to present at investment bank sponsored life sciences and biotechnology conferences, utilizing our network of corporate finance and sell-side professionals.

Manage Quarterly Reporting Cycles, Including Writing Conference Call Announcements, Scripts, and Earnings Press Releases:

Rx Communications partners with management in support of quarterly financial reporting including taking the lead on quarterly messaging sessions and drafting/dissemination of your earnings press release. Rx Communications can also assist with conference call scripts for management and managing all logistics for call set up and monitoring. This ensures accurate and impactful communication with stakeholders in the life sciences investor community.

Develop Messaging and Write All Press Releases, Website Content and Other IR-Related Materials:

Rx Communications’ team of strong writers provides support and guide management on the creation and editing of collateral materials such as press releases, website content, social media posts, and corporate presentations, etc. It is important that a company’s key messages are consistent throughout all communications mediums. We strategize with management to determine optimal messaging. This ensures a cohesive and compelling narrative across your various communication channels.

Create Strategic Plan Ahead of Critical Data Readouts, Including Coordination and Hosting of R&D Days and KOL Events:

Rx Communications collaborates with your company’s leadership to create a strategic plan ahead of critical data readouts, including coordinating and hosting Research and Development (R&D) days and Key Opinion Leader (KOL) events. This ensures a well-prepared and impactful presentation around significant milestones for your company.

Gather and Provide Intelligence on Peers, Industry, and the Broader Markets:

As industry specialists, our ears are always to the ground to gather intelligence on investor interests, specific trends, etc. We provide you with intelligence gathered from ‘the Street’ on your company and its peers, as well as the broader markets. We also track research reports on your peers and provide highlights to management on a regular basis.