The Team

Lisa Janicki, Chief Financial Officer

Lisa Janicki brings 20 years of experience in finance to Rx Communications, having worked with more than 40 clients over the years, providing tax advisory, financial and business consulting and operational marketing to companies in over 30 different industries. Throughout her professional life, Lisa has also established and run a total of six companies, providing critical entrepreneurial expertise.

Previously, Lisa spent several years at Arthur Anderson, LLP in the Business Advisory Financial Markets Division and Business Consulting. Her primary expertise lay in business audits of investment partnerships, small business investment companies, hedge funds, broker-dealers, and privately held emerging market trading and investment firms. Auditing activities included quarterly and annual SEC reporting, financial statement preparation, compliance review, and inspections and assessments of operational and business processes. Client companies ranged from those in the capital markets arena to those in real estate and insurance. She began her career as a tax analyst for Kraft Foods International, where she also developed a complex expatriate tax planning computer program for use by the company’s top executives.